Seiko Recraft Automatic

Great retro styling on a workhorse Seiko movement

I became interested in automatic watch movements after a bad deal on a “fashion” style quartz watch. It was a seemingly great bargain at about 50 dollars on a watch with an MSRP of about $250.  Within the first day, the minute hand became stuck, and I thought it might just be easy enough to pop it open and fix, having a fair amount of mechanical ability.

Once I popped off the back of the case, I was shocked, and even a bit angry to see mostly plastic filler inside the case, that the movement itself was no larger than a dime, and the battery took up almost half of that!

Ever since that day, I vowed to never buy a watch based on looks again. A little web research on what makes a quality watch and I was catapulted into the world of automatic watches. A little more research, and I found that an automatic watch with a quality movement can be had for a very reasonable price. At first I was looking at the wide variety in the Seiko 5 series, but happened upon their ‘Recraft’ series, which have the same movement as many of the Seiko 5’s, but are styled like some of their classic models from the 70’s

This watch has now become my favorite. It keeps accurate time, has a great retro look, and best of all, I can always take a look at the clear case back to see the mechanical inner workings of this watch, not just a tiny battery powered motor.You can find a great selection of the recraft series from following this link:


All About Smart Watches

Beezistore has a large selection of “Smart Watches” for men and women. They include all major brands. Read the information noted below before you make a decision on the watch that is right for you

A Smart Watch is a watch that can wirelessly send and receive data from a Smart Phone. This is all done in real time. Essentially, what a Smart Phone does is acts as an additional interface for users to interact with their using their Smart Phones. While the display of a Smart Watch is still intended for timekeeping, it is also used to display all your Smart Phone notifications such as calls, e-mails, messages and posts to social media. Plus, it provides numerous features. In addition to receiving notifications, Smart Watches can remotely control a Smart Phone to play music, click pictures, use voice command systems, and more.

The wearable nature of a Smart Watch further allows it to be used as a fitness tracker, golf swing analyzer, and for tracking other gesture related activities. Whether you are looking for a new Smart Watch or just trying to get with the times, you may be having some trouble deciding which watch to purchase. This is the world of wearable technology. Make sure you know all you can before your decide on the watch that meets your needs.

“The Best Of The Best In Smart Watches” include these five major brands :

1. Apple Watch

2. Fitbit

3. LG

4. Motorlola

5. Samsung

There are a number of other brands available for those who want to do a complete drill down of all brands!!! See our select.

See Beezistore Posts regarding the latest and best Smart Watches from the above noted manufactures.

Watch Straps

Accessorize your watch for a fresh look.

Watch straps are a great way to add versatility and style to your watch collection

Seiko Affordable Automatic Dive Watches

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a timepiece that will earn you respect or even praise from a dedicated watch snob. While most lower-end watches will not satisfy the particular attention to detail or value that serious enthusiasts are keen to notice, there are a number of common watches that will nevertheless result in respect from those called elite.

It would be safe to say that most of the timepieces available that have unique or very refined designs and excellent materials, as well as features, tend to be much more expensive. These timepieces are often an inherently expensive item, they are called luxury category. But, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a good watch.

One of the top most affordable watches based on an independent study is a watch that reflects style and value. It’s a watch that will make you feel good and look good. If you’re looking for that in a sport watch here they are!! The SEIKO MONSTER, SEIKO SUMO and the SEIKO SKX007 need to be considered, as they stand at the top of the list.

These are three world renowned dive watches. In some sense, they all represent some of the best in the segment. With extremely competitive prices, solid build quality, and a manufacturer like few others on this planet, one or more of these have more than likely made it to the “must-have” lists of beginner – and seasoned! – watch enthusiasts alike. Neither the Monster, with its unquestionably unique looks, the Sumo, with its standard modern dive watch style, nor the SKX007 with its fantastic legibility could have been omitted from this list – so we put all three in here. Solid cases, reliable, and workhorse automatic movements, are just some of the key features that make these pieces really stand out.  The suggested retail price is around $450-$600: these watches are a good value.  With discounts that are often available, any one of these truly is a lot of watch for the money.

There are a number of watches reflecting good value and style available.  You can make a list and you would come up with 10 or even 15 watches that would satisfy your needs.  But, the three SEIKO watches noted above are at the top of the list!


Give us your thoughts regarding these watches!!

Technology’s Big Opportunity

Knowledge and awareness regarding “Wardrobe Technology” devices is very small. People don’t realize that wearable devices might be the future of technology and a very important part of their lives. People currently have a perception problem regarding technology fitting in and being a part of their wardrobe. The awareness factor isn’t there yet. As more devices are developed, people will be more aware and even more depended on wardrobe technology and its benefits.
There is no doubt that this type of technology will continue to grow. One important area that would benefit from this technology would be in health care. Wearable devices could help any human to stay active, physically fit and mentally strong. Wearable sensors could soon replace the blood tests by analyzing your health using human sweat. Devices that you can wear are considered to be the best fitness tracker like apple watches can track human’s physical activities, diabetes and heart rate. However, no data on the user’s health can be interpreted by the device. Someday Bluetooth technology will deliver this data from patient to doctor. This would be a major breakthrough.

There is growth in other fields using this type of technology. The military would be the field that benefits the most from this kind of technology’s growth. The platform of technologies that can be worn is being built using the internet. Devices are placed on military vehicles, which would help to track them or locate them. A GPS concept or approach is going to provide ground breaking technology moving forward. Also, valuable startups have come up with intellectual technologies that are highly preferred all over the world.
These companies see a big future in this type of technology. Worn sensors are expected to convert or interpret sign languages into understandable English. This would definitely bridge the communication gap that exists between deaf-mute and other individuals. Apple, with their i-Phones and Apple watch has led the way, benefiting from this type of technology. A small example of this technology being used every day includes all the apps available for your cell phone that can track your physical workout. They can track your distance/miles calories burned, time elapsed, etc.
There is no end regarding the potential and future of “Wardrobe Technology” There is no end regarding the benefits that these devices will provide!