Technology’s Big Opportunity

Knowledge and awareness regarding “Wardrobe Technology” devices is very small. People don’t realize that wearable devices might be the future of technology and a very important part of their lives. People currently have a perception problem regarding technology fitting in and being a part of their wardrobe. The awareness factor isn’t there yet. As more devices are developed, people will be more aware and even more depended on wardrobe technology and its benefits.
There is no doubt that this type of technology will continue to grow. One important area that would benefit from this technology would be in health care. Wearable devices could help any human to stay active, physically fit and mentally strong. Wearable sensors could soon replace the blood tests by analyzing your health using human sweat. Devices that you can wear are considered to be the best fitness tracker like apple watches can track human’s physical activities, diabetes and heart rate. However, no data on the user’s health can be interpreted by the device. Someday Bluetooth technology will deliver this data from patient to doctor. This would be a major breakthrough.

There is growth in other fields using this type of technology. The military would be the field that benefits the most from this kind of technology’s growth. The platform of technologies that can be worn is being built using the internet. Devices are placed on military vehicles, which would help to track them or locate them. A GPS concept or approach is going to provide ground breaking technology moving forward. Also, valuable startups have come up with intellectual technologies that are highly preferred all over the world.
These companies see a big future in this type of technology. Worn sensors are expected to convert or interpret sign languages into understandable English. This would definitely bridge the communication gap that exists between deaf-mute and other individuals. Apple, with their i-Phones and Apple watch has led the way, benefiting from this type of technology. A small example of this technology being used every day includes all the apps available for your cell phone that can track your physical workout. They can track your distance/miles calories burned, time elapsed, etc.
There is no end regarding the potential and future of “Wardrobe Technology” There is no end regarding the benefits that these devices will provide!