All About Smart Watches

Beezistore has a large selection of “Smart Watches” for men and women. They include all major brands. Read the information noted below before you make a decision on the watch that is right for you

A Smart Watch is a watch that can wirelessly send and receive data from a Smart Phone. This is all done in real time. Essentially, what a Smart Phone does is acts as an additional interface for users to interact with their using their Smart Phones. While the display of a Smart Watch is still intended for timekeeping, it is also used to display all your Smart Phone notifications such as calls, e-mails, messages and posts to social media. Plus, it provides numerous features. In addition to receiving notifications, Smart Watches can remotely control a Smart Phone to play music, click pictures, use voice command systems, and more.

The wearable nature of a Smart Watch further allows it to be used as a fitness tracker, golf swing analyzer, and for tracking other gesture related activities. Whether you are looking for a new Smart Watch or just trying to get with the times, you may be having some trouble deciding which watch to purchase. This is the world of wearable technology. Make sure you know all you can before your decide on the watch that meets your needs.

“The Best Of The Best In Smart Watches” include these five major brands :

1. Apple Watch

2. Fitbit

3. LG

4. Motorlola

5. Samsung

There are a number of other brands available for those who want to do a complete drill down of all brands!!! See our select.

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