About Beezistore


Mission Statement

“Beezistore is your online marketplace for the Best Luxury/Smart Watches and Jewelry Online in USA. With product variety, product reviews and information, Beezistore will make your buying experience easy and rewarding.”

Beezistore Provides Great Original Articles And A Great Blog, Beezi Blog, For Your Enjoyment!

Enjoy What Beezistore Has To Offer:

  • Great Watches/Wearable Technology
  • Great Prices On All Watches
  • Great Variety/All Major Brands
  • Great Jewelry For All
  • Product News Reviews via “Beezi Blog” Link On Top
  • Product News and Original Articles via “Wearable Technology”

Beezistore will cater to individuals who are searching for the latest and best Traditional, Fashion & Smart Watches (Wearable Technology) and Jewelry.  They include the following customer and market segments, which our blog will be built around:

  • Mobile Achievers
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Executives On The Go
  • Technology Savvy Individuals
  • Trend Seeking Individuals

Beezistore’s “Watch Categories” will cater to the above noted target consumer.  Detailed reviews and analysis on the above will be explored and detailed on Beezi Blog. We’ll focus in on Traditional, Fashion and Smart Watches. Again, we’ll offer great Jewelry selection.  Securing consumer feedback via reviews and Beezi Blog is vital to Beezistore’s success. Giving our consumers what they want in the way of products, service and information is our goal.